Colonial Bookbinder

I wan’t to be a bookbinder because they put the cover on the book.they make the book .they write a story .then they read it to people .and they put the book in the lidrey .then they do it all over again .they get to do all kinds of books .the only reason why I like to make a book is because the kids like to read get better at need to read books to work.

Conoail Leaders

Who is John Smith



leading the settlers

Native American tribes

He was fighting for Jamestown

He was a cheaf

He used gun pouder

He sold in slavery

He saved people’s lives

He was a explor

That is John Smith


The Ghost Story

Once I went on a journey with Rainer.We saw a hunted house and we stopped.then we went in it.At sunrise a ghost came out of a grave and hunted us.We got scard and we ran away The ghost followed us the hole way back.We had to move out of our houses.So Elliott let us live in his house .


What I did on homecoming was I want to the peperally.Than I want to the game.They won the game from 20 to 0.Then we want to the porade.We want to the dance.We selubrated white oak.


example:1 coust of the gulf of cenoa,in the province of genaa 57m.

example:2 aegina(egina of egale),an island of greece in the saronic gulf20m.

The Pumpkin Pach

Once upon a time it was pumpkin season. This is the time when the pumpkins turn orange.there is a red house with ornange pumpkins around the house.there’s a green bush with red pepers.there is brown haybales.

Life In Fifithgrade

It is funn and my teachers are nice.I have lerned lots work.we lerned about more of 9.11.mrs.biantley is my favret teacher.I love my teachers.We get more freetime then last year.I’m loving fifithgrade.